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TryLight is run by volunteers. Because of those volunteers we can stage our productions and keep our tickets reasonably priced. For ‘extras,’ however, we do rely on grants and the generosity of donors. If you are able to assist us in any way with these upgrades we would be most grateful and happily issue a tax receipt.

Fundraising Goals

The TryLight Board has identified a number of areas where upgrades to our facility are necessary to more safely, creatively and comfortably stage shows. We are actively applying for grants and looking for funding streams to accomplish the following:

Projector Maintenance

LED Projector - $2000

To allow for more creative options in staging our shows

Purple Curtain

Stage Skirt - $2100

To cover our stage extensions and keep the house looking tidy      


iMac Mini - $2200

To make live streaming performances more efficient

Light Emitting Diodes

LED Lighting - $60,000

A switch to LED lights will save money and give us more flexibility and creativity in lighting shows

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