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A top priority of TryLight Theatre Co is to open the doors of our community theatre in as safe a manner as possible. Protocols are in place to guide the company through rehearsals, reopening and productions. Staff, cast, crew and volunteers who are able must be fully vaccinated while participating in any production. Other safety procedures and practices have been put in place during rehearsals and performances:


To attend a performance patrons must wear a mask to enter the theatre. And, of course, thanks to PharmaSave Kenora, there will be plenty of hand-sanitizer to go around.

For the foreseeable future, and due to COVID protocols, show programs will be published online as a PDF document. The programs will be made available before, during and after each production. 


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer concession facilities during productions. 

The company has established a COVID Cleanup Crew that will clean and disinfect the theatre and all public spaces after each performance.

For those who are still not comfortable gathering or are far away, TryLight will also be live streaming any show for which streaming rights can be purchased.

For additional information on TryLight's safety protocols, please contact us.

TryLight Theatre Co Reopens Safely

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