TryLight Theatre Co Agrees
The Show Must Go On!

Monika and Zip copy.jpg

After an extended intermission, TryLight Theatre Co has agreed that the "show must go on!" 

With newly established protocols in place to keep cast, crew, volunteers and our audience members safe, we are delighted to announce that the TryLight stage will reopen to live performances in late November 2021 with the staging of Annie.

Please check on the Coming Soon page for more details regarding upcoming productions.

Annie and Sandy, aka Monika and Zip are reunited at Raising the Curtain exhibit.

Kenora Stuff Magazine
Highlights 30 Years of Community Theatre


The latest edition of Kenora's STUFF magazine is now available at numerous locations around town and this edition has an article highlighting TryLight's 30th Anniversary celebration.

There is also all kinds of information about the upcoming TryLight exhibit at The Muse - Lake of the Woods Museum. Fingers crossed, Raising the Curtain - 30 Years of TryLight Theatre Co will be open for viewing in late July. Keep posted for opening dates.

Did I mention Kenora Stuff is FREE? Get yours and learn a little more about your community theatre.

Keep Safe, Wash Your Hands 
Support Your Local Community Theatre


Soap Open 30th.jpg

It seems that masks and hand washing are here to stay! TryLight has partnered with local entrepreneur Jackie Chalkley of Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap Co to offer our theatre community the opportunity to celebrate our 30th with a custom soap package.

The soaps are hand made locally and packaged complete with nicely scented glycerin soaps that represent the TryLight logo's essence and star power!

TryLight has priced the soap package at a very reasonable $8.00 (tax included). If you'd like a package for yourself and/or your friends or family, please contact Lynn Halley via email Payment for the masks can be made via etransfer to, or by sending a cheque payable to TryLight Theatre to

510 Second Street South
Kenora ON  P9N 1G8
We are happy to make arrangements for delivery.


TryLight Theatre Co. Turns 30!


Reinhold Kerstan, Gord Day-Janz, Lynda Longe, Ray Baker

TryLight Theatre Co. was officially formed in March 1991 by co-founders Lynda (Everson) Longe and Gord Day-Janz of First Baptist Church. The theatre company was formed as a bridge from the church to the Kenora community and to provide family-oriented entertainment. The basement auditorium of the church continues to be the home for TryLight 30 years later.

The first production to be staged was Blood and Honour, with Lynda Longe as director. Lynda adapted the play from a book written by Reinhold Kerstan. Mr. Kerstan attended every performance during the run of the show.

The fall production of the premier season was
Family Outings, also directed by Lynda Longe.


TryLight Theatre Co.
Board of Directors 2020/21

TTop Row: Catherine Petracek, Cheryl Kinney Matheson, Ruth Girard
  3rd Row: Jennifer McKibbon, Gord Day-Janz, Leanne and Brock Chisholm
  2nd Row: Riley Sleeman, Bruce Graham, Marc Raymond
  Bottom Row: Lynda Longe, James Todd

TryLight’s Board of Directors has been hard at work, making difficult decisions regarding how best to continue forward during COVID-19. Online ZOOM meetings have become the norm so that all can be kept safe. Above is a screen shot of the board at work during June’s board meeting.

Some of these faces have been around for some time, others are brand new to our community theatre family. When asked “With all the opportunities and organizations in our community that need your kind of knowledge, abilities and commitment, why have you chosen to share your gifts with TryLight Theatre Company?,” here are some of the responses received. An interesting common thread through many of the responses “I was asked and accepted!”

Leanne and Brock Chisholm -
We have had the privilege and honour of being involved with TryLight Theatre, both as actors and as patrons. Our family has always valued the incredible contribution of TryLight to our community. We are excited to have the opportunity to further participate in this amazing theatre company through our involvement as members of the board. We look forward to watching TryLight continue to grow and develop as a community theatre company, and we are so happy to be a part of that future.


Jennifer McKibbon - First Baptist Church Representative - Honestly....because I was asked to be a church-appointed Board member and I reluctantly agreed – reluctant only because I have no background, history or experience in live theatre - performance or production - and felt ill-suited to the role. Well, we know that Jennifer is a strong community advocate and is good at most anything she attempts. Her membership on TryLight's Board of Directors will be no different!

Ren Amell -  Treasurer - I guess the first and most basic answer to why I am helping out TryLight is because I was asked. Without that it wouldn't have happened. Beyond that, in retirement I have wanted to keep active and try new things. So I joined a TryLight production on stage (in Iolanthe) and really enjoyed it. My wife and I have also enjoyed TryLight productions in the past, and strongly believe in the arts as an important part of life and our community, so supporting TryLight made sense in that way. And I have some experience with financial record-keeping and am not frightened of it, so it seemed a good fit.

Catherine Petracek - Catherine is most willing to take on just about any task asked of her. She brings her passion for the theatre, the community and the arts in all its forms and we feel fortunate to have her on our board.

Cheryl Kinney Matheson - Board Chair -
I was introduced to theatre in my youth and have been an avid theatre-goer ever since, always in the audience never on stage. Theatre enhances my life both in terms of exposure to new ideas and also as pure entertainment. I have felt fortunate to live in a place with a well established high quality community theatre and when asked if I might participate as a volunteer, jumped at the chance to be part of this very  stimulating community of theatre lovers. My involvement has proven to be a lot of fun. I feel that our team of volunteers ensures that TryLight will continue on to inform and delight participants for years to come.